DIY Crayon Wall Art: Crayons are cheap and can easily be made into cool office art.  Click the links below to view directions on how to create each of the pictured pieces (numbered from left to right, top to bottom).

  1. Crayon Monogram
  2. Melted Crayon Rainbow
  3. Crayon Letters
  4. Melted Crayon Heart
  5. Crayon Sunburst
  6. Melted Crayon Word Art
  7. Crayon Splatter Art
  8. Melted Crayon Heart with Quote
  9. Melted Crayon Flowers
  10. More Ideas

Yoga For The Butt
Beginner Yoga with Tara Stiles-Flexibility
Advance Yoga With Tara Stiles-Flexibility 
Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout
Yoga For Complete Beginners
Yoga For Beginners: Relaxation & Flexibility
Weight Loss For Beginners
Total Arm Workout
Get Madonna Arms 
Tank Top Arms
Victoria Secret Arms 
Superset Arm Workout
Five Minute Arm Workout
Arms Like A Victoria Secret Model
Fine Toning Arms 
Sleek and Sexy Arms 
XHIT Arm Workout
Tone Up Your Arms For Summer
Pop Pilates Back On Fire
Pop Pilates Backless Dress Workout
Toned Arms and Sculpted back
Bodacious Back And Sleek Shoulders
Sexy Back Workout
5 Minute Toned Body
Strengthen And Tone Your Back 
Firm Your Back
Tone Up Your Back
Lower and Upper Back Workout
Fitness Blender : Butt and Thighs
Barre Workout for Butt and Thighs
56 Minute Butt and Thighs
Legs Workout
Miley Cyrus Sexy Leg Workout
Perfect Legs
Killer Legs And Booty Workout
LAB Workout
Hot legs and Big Round Booty Workout
Lean Legs
Legs And Butt Shaper Workout
Victoria’s Secret Angel butt workout
Bikini Blaster : Booty Booty Booty
Beautiful Booty Workout
Love your Booty Routine
Bombastic Booty Pilates Workout on the Ball
Bombshell Booty Workout
Bikini Booty Workout
Victoria secret series : Butt Workout
10 minute Beginner butt
Supermodel Butt Workout
Victoria Secret Bombshell Butt Workout

I hope this helps 









Teaching Deep Breathing: It can be difficult to teach deep breathing, especially to children.  Here are some techniques that can help.  I have done many of these with teens and adults as well.  Click the links below for more info.

  • Bubble Breaths (or Pinwheel): Have the child breathe in through their nose and then slowly blow the biggest bubble they can.  Highlight how if they blow to hard and fast then the bubble with be small and burst right away.  You could also have them do deep breathing with a pinwheel.
  • Balloon Breaths: Direct the child to breath in through their nose and then try to blow up the balloon in as few breaths as possible.  You can have them try it with a lot of little breaths and then discuss the difference in how it felt.
  • Blow Up a Toy: This is similar to balloon breaths but with a blow up animal/doll.  The child used deep breathing to blow it up and then can hug the toy while continuing their breathing to further self-regulate.
  • Ocean Breaths (In yoga this is called Ujjayi): When transitioning a child from doing this with an object to on their own, have then focus on their breath and how it sounds like the ocean.  They can then begin to visualize the beach to help them to further self regulate.  This goes well with the jellyfish jar intervention that I posted. 
  • Cooling Cocoa: When transitioning a child from doing this with an object to on their own, have the child to pretend they are drinking hot cocoa.  Tell them to smell the delicious cocoa and then blow on it to cool it down.
  • Belly Breathing: Belly breathing is more advanced.  First have the child place their hand on their belly and feel it go up and down.  Then have them lay on the floor with a stuffed animal balanced on their belly and tell them to watch it move up and down slowly.